Lake Brunner, New Zealand
Where The Brown Trout Die of Old Age!

Lake Brunner is the largest lake in the West Coast region, 7 miles across at the widest point, and some 22 miles of shoreline. Loaded with prime brown trout, the lake and its tributaries provide superb year round fly-fishing.

Lake Brunner is a fantastic lake to fish. Although it is deep, fish rise freely across the whole lake and there can be spectacular evening rises particularly where rivers or streams enter the lake. Mostly the lake is surrounded by native bush which provides an endless supply of terrestrial food for the fish.

The lake holds very good numbers of brown trout and limited numbers of rainbows. Sizes are mostly in the 2-4lb range though it does hold much bigger fish as well.

Fishing includes short-cast fly fishing with floating line, dry fly and nymph, spin casting and trolling from boats.

Open season is October till April, restrictions apply in other times.

Several important rivers feed into Lake Brunner. These include the Crooked River, the Orangipuku River and Bruce Creek. The Arnold River drains from the lake into the Grey River.

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